Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Apple Cider Vinegar is a basic ingredient used in recipes and also as a beauty ingredient. It is available at such a price that noone bothers to search for the recipe. But the truth is this easy basic can be made right at home with only two ingredients.


1) Apple skin peeled and apple core

2) Water

3) Storage bottles

4) Cheese cloth / Muslin cloth

5) Sieve

Basically all you do is, skin the apples and dry them till they turn brown.

Take open jar put those peels and core in fill them with water, with water just above the line of those apples. Tie the jar with a cheese cloth.

Allow these things to ferment.

After a week or so, open this and you will see skum flowing on this, which is natural. Remove this.

After a month or so the process will be complete. Filter the frothy skum and peel with a big sieve.

Your apple cider vinegar is ready.


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