Chai Latte Tea

Since Chai Latte has become such a favourite drink lately I wanted to share it. Actually calling it Chai Tea is like calling it Tea Tea, well because chai means tea!
Here is how it is made.

Water 1 1/2 cup
Sugar 1 tsp but could be more if you like
Loose Tea Powder (Taj Mahal from an Indian store?)
Cardomom 2-3 pinch
Cinnamon 1 pinch and ginger a pinch if you like
Pistachio Powder (optional) 2-3 pinches

Full cream milk 1/2 cup

Boil the water with sugar, tea powder, cardomom, cinnamon and ginger. In the other vessel, heat the milk, add the pistachio powder, keep stirring till it becomes very thick, almost half of the original quantity.

Then once the tea decoction is strong enough that the spices give out the smell, pour the tea decoction in it with a sieve. Keep stirring this milk for a little while about 20-30 secs. And you have the chai ready.

NOTE: You can also add a little “gulkand” for a more regal experience. Gulkand is basically rose petals seasoned in sugar. Available at most Indian stores. You have to lessen the amount of sugar a bit if you are adding this.

 Incredibly Simple! 


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