Masala Dosa with Potato bhaji and Coconut Chutney

masala dosa with coconut chutney

So this is one of the recipes that has to come to us for generations. And yet it is a favourite because it is so versatile. We have had this on Sundays or when guests visit unannounced. The preparation for this recipe doesn’t take much time, and the batter can be stored in the refridgerator in case you sense a hectic week ahead.

So really it is so simple to make and needs very few ingredients:

For the Dosa:

urad dal for dosa1 cup of whole skinned urad dal (a kind of lentil)

2 1/2 cups of rice (traditionally they use a brown unpolished rice but white rice will do just fine!)

Wash the rice and lentils, then soak these two overnight or at least for 7-8 hours. Grind them in a mixie with the water you soaked it in. This will take time, first you will get a coarse texture but you are not yet done. You have to add water and keep grinding just enough to get a fine consistency. Then add salt to taste.

TIP: you can add poha to the soak an hour before blending them, this will make the batter fluffy.

This is one of those recipes that works best when it is fermented so if you can keep the batter ready 3 hours before you actually make the dosas, that will make them aerated.

So once you are ready to roll out the dosas on a tawa. Get the tawa really hot, pour a bit of oil, 3-4 drops will do. And then pour the batter into the centre, quickly spread it into a circle, about the thickness of a roti. Cover it with a lid, until the lid gets all the steam, then keep away the lid, and turn the dosa on the other side, roast till it is golden brown. You can add 2-3 tablespoon of oil to the batter.

It is most likely you will get the time because the traditional dosas taste best with a potato bhaji and coconut chutney. So here goes:

For the Potato bhaji

3 boiled and peeled potatoes

1 onion thinly chopped

1 clove of garlic thinly chopped

a little bit of finely chopped coriander and green chillies

mustard, turmeric, asafoetida, and curry leaves for the tempering.

Just break the boiled potatoes into bite-sized lumps. In a wok, heat 3-4 tablespoon of cooking oil, add mustard and wait for them to temper, then add turmeric, curry leaves, and asafoetida. Add the chopped onions, garlic and saute till they are golden brown. Then add the chopped chillies. You may add a little garam masala if you like the taste. Then add the potatoes and mix them well. Your potato bhaji is ready!!!

Coriander - Coconut chutney
Coriander Coconut Chutney

For the coconut chutney

A bowl full of grated coconut. Or about 200 gms.

daliyaA cup of daliya (Now there is a variety of broken wheat that is also called daliya but this is really popped and skinned chana dal)

A tablespoon of sesame seeds

Chopped  chillies 1-2, (or depending on how hot you prefer your chutney.)

Coriander about half a bowl

Cumin seeds about a tablespoon

Add soaked tamarind paste to it, or what is called kokam but that is optional.

Salt to taste

Just grind these really well with some water. Temper it with mustard and curry leaves. You can add yogurt to it if you like.

Voila! That is it! Now this might seem like an elaborate recipe but really once you try it you will realise it is only 3 super simple recipes come together for a yummy combination!


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