Apple Preserve – Just 5 ingredients

This is the season of fruits. And while we are enjoying all the the lovely weather, I wanted to stock up on the seasonal fruits. And what better way than the old way? So I decided to try my hands at making some apple preserve. I used the traditional Gulamba ingredients and replaced the mango with the apple. It turned out well. So here is the simple recipe. I decided to record it, please excuse the editing, I am new at this. So…

5 Apples peeled and diced,
2 tsp cinnamon,
1 tsp nutmeg,
1 tsp salt,
A coffee mug full of sugar (brown or white, either will do)
(And I havent added it in this video but for the next batch I added two cloves to it.)

So, just mix all of this, add 3 cups of water, and cook in a saucepan. Cook on sim with the lid closed, and keep stirring. When the water is all gone and you get a thick sauce-like consistency (and your apple pieces are soft,) cool it and store it a dry air tight container.


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