Simple ways to boost metabolism

So I have been trying to reduce weight, and have succeeded in losing about a pound or two kilos in the last month. This has been the first time that the results are any close to satisfactory. So I did do a few things differently this time. Here is what I did.

My main issue has been metabolism. I had taken it for granted after I had a baby and still managed to get back to size 8. But as it turned out the reason was I was getting a good amount of exercise working full-time and taking care of my baby. But about 3 years ago I quit my job to start working from home, and my baby also grew a little self dependent and with each passing year I gained a few pounds, say about 20 each year.

Actually, I am a bit of a foodie, and I have never had to count my calories. But I have understood my body quite well in this struggle with weight. But whatever I did, i.e. exercise or whatever I did not cut down my food intake. That was a big mistake. After a certain age you have to eat right, AND exercise. There are no two ways about it.

So here’s a few things I did do differently:

There is a big deal about the alkaline diet right now. I believe in too. And one of the misunderstandings about the diet is that it has to make your digestive system alkaline too. Well, it turns out not everything. The thing that keeps our metabolism triggered is the acidity in the stomach. The acidity is what will turn the food into energy. So you need to keep the stomach acidic while keeping the rest of the system alkaline.

1) Don’t drink water. Or DON’T drink it half an hour before your meal, and an hour after it. It is true that water is the simplest means of keeping our body alkaline. But drinking water before meals dilutes the acidity in your stomach. Hence it becomes difficult for the stomach to digest the food. What it does is two things, 1) Produce more acid to digest the quota of food assigned to it, and in turn makes our system acidic. 2) Procrastinates digestion. Yes, just like what it does when a person overeats, the stomach simply gives up on the undigested food and stores it away in the body.

2) Give in to the chocolate temptation: When we are menstruating, it is a kind of system overhaul. Our body is ripping down walls, prepping to put up a new wallpaper and getting ready to welcome Miss Egg New. You will need sugar at this time. The nervous system is made of sugar, kinda, but we adviced to cut down on it, mainly because once we are grown up, the nervous system is ready and functioning. Whatever sugar and salts it needs it draws it from the fruits and veggies, (or at least it can if we eat well.) Secondly, the sugar we consume is polished and stripped of its nutrients. But since periods literally remake one of our organs, we can afford a little sweet tooth. And chicory releases the feel-good endorphins. Add the two with calcium rich milk, and you get chocolate, now that is some sweet math.

3) Make your dinners, fat free and gluten free: As I mentioned before, I love food so to give up on good, tasty food would be impossible, I would end in square one of my weight loss puzzle. But instead of that I just gave up on the good food during dinners.

4) Green tea actually works: So this is my concoction these days, green tea, lime water and honey. Will work much better if you drink it after a work out. And not have anything half an hour after it.

So these are a few things i have been doing. I try not to go to any extreme, as I have seen a pattern of ending it soon after. The exercise I have been doing is just 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill and 10 minutes cycling. I know that is not much, but it is easy to be consistent with that. And my metabolism is responding to it, so there must be something right about it.

What do you to keep the mean scales pleased? What kind of food would you recommend my WordPress friends?


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