Paneer Paratha – Cottage Cheese Stuffed Chapathi

Paneer Paratha
Paneer Paratha

Parathas are everybody’s favourite. This one especially, kids love them for the yummy taste and mammas love them because, just these parathas and her lunch menu is fixed! The one that I am sharing is one of my personal favourites. So here it goes:

500gms of paneer/cottage cheese grated,

Carrot, beetroot grated,

Coriander, Cumin seeds, Ajwain,

Chings Schezwan Chutney

Half a kilo of refined flour and 2 cups of wheat flour or chapati atta. And yogurt, curds or buttermilk to mix.

For the dough

Mix the wheat flour and refined flour along with a tablespoon of salt. Then about 2 spoons of oil. Mix it again. Then add about 3-4 tablespoon of yogurt. Mix it along with some water. The consistency you are looking for is a soft dough. The one that will easily roll with a rolling pin. Cover this ready dough with oil and cover it.

For the Stuffing:

Blend the coriander, carom seeds and cumin seeds in a blender into a fine mixture. Then take the grated carrot and beet root, and steam them in a microwave until they turn soft but not slushy. Mix the coriander masala, the steamed carrot and beetroot and the paneer. Add 4 spoons of Ching Schezwan Chutney. Add the salt. If the mix is a little soggy you can add some bread crumbs.

Now to roll the parathas, take a part out the dough, and with your hands shape them like a saucer. Take the stuffing about half the size of the dough and roll it. Add the stuffing into the atta dough, seal it from all ends, such that the stuffing is completly sealed in the dough.

Dust a little flour and roll these parathas with a light hand so that the stuff doesnt tear out of the dough. On a pan roast them with cooking oil. Serve them hot with some sous or mint chutney.


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