Methi Thepla (Flatbread made of Fenugreek leaves)

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The recipe I am sharing is from the western part of India.


So Methi thepla is a dish unto itself. You can even skip the sauce or chutney with this. It is made of tender fenugreek leaves and some other spices. It is a batch cooking winner as it can be refrigerated and lasts for 3-4 days, you can roll it with a cheese slice and heat it and you have an absolutely yumm roll. So here we go

We will need 2 bunches of fresh fenugreek, what you do is, you pluck out the tender leaves and chop them. Also chop half a bowl of coriander.

Gram flour 1 cup
Refined flour 2 cups

For the dry masala
Cumin seeds 2 tablespns
Carom seeds 1 tablespn
Amchur powder (dry mango powder)
Garam masala 2 tablespns
Red chilly powder 1 tablespn

Salt to taste
Oil to roast
Flour for dusting

Blend the dry masala along with the fenugreek leaves and the coriander leaves. Mix the refined flour and the Gram flour and add the fenugreek and coriander paste. Before you knead the flour add some salt. Try to knead the flour in the fenugreek paste adding water only when necessary.  While this is about to be done add some oil and knead again. Once this is done, cover this kneaded dough and keep it away.

After half an hour, dust a little flour and roll these theplas. The rolling is simple as it requires no folding like a chapati or no stuffing like a paratha. They should be thicker than a roti but thinner than a sliced bread. Heat up a tawa and roast them with oil.

And if you are a real foodie and don’t be scared to add dollops of butter to these theplas to enjoy them when they are piping hot.


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