Dum Aloo Recipe: Baby Potatoes in Cashew Gravy

dum aloo baby potatoes in cashew gravy indian recipeMost people think Indian food is very spicy, (may be because the first people to set up restaurants abroad belong to the two of the spiciest cuisines of India, Punjabi and Tamil Nadu). But the Indian palette varies depending on the region. Dum Aloo is a recipe made in a variety of ways in various regions of India. I love the way it is made in Kashmir, the most.

So here we go…


Baby Poatatoes 6-7

Tomatoes 4-5

Onions 4-5

Bunch of Coriander

Cashew 7-8, Dry Coconut shredded about 5-6 tsp, Sesame 3-4 tsps

Cumin seeds – 1-2 tsps, Garam masala – 1 tsps

Full Cream, Butter 1 tsp, Oil to cook and salt to taste.

How to make this?

fried baby potatoesFirst steam and peel the baby potatoes. Once they cool down, fry them.

For the gravy

Chop the tomatoes, onions and coriander into a fine paste. Then roast the cashews, dry coconut, sesame, cumin seeds and blend them into a fine powder.

Heat 5-6 tsps of cooking oil. Add the tomato onion paste and saute till it becomes golden brown. Then add the cashew-sesame powder and saute again. Add the garam masala according to your taste.

Add the fried baby potatoes and cover it with a lid for the spices to blend. Let them cook for a minute or too.

Once you are done, add the full cream and mix. After adding the salt, let them steam again for a minute or so.

This is a decadent recipe, so don’t calorie count just enjoy its rich taste with a naan or chapati.

dum aloo with butter roti


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