Recipe Cards Using Ikea Frames

ikea recipe card frame

I always buy stuff from Ikea thinking I could do something with them.
Although I am not very crafty by nature, there just seems something about them…But I have been able to
try out a few things that look good.

So one those things are these frames. They are two sided, a removable plastic glazing and a solid base.
So I thought I could make some recipe cards.

ikea frames

All you need is these Ikea frames, a magazine that has pictures of recipes, and a pair of scissors.

Firstly look for a recipe pics that will fit in the frame. I am looking more at how aesthetically
the pic has been shot rather than the recipe itself.

ikea frames recipe card diy project

Then cut it out in the measurement of the plastic glazing, one side for the pic and the other side for the written recipe. Now just slide it in the frame. That is it!

ikea frames recipe cards diy project


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