Tilgul Ladoo & Squares Recipe


Sankranti is a celebration of movement of the sun towards the northern skies in the celestial sphere. It is also a harvest festival that is celebrated in variety of ways across India. In the Western part of India friends and relatives visit each other and exchange tilgul, basically laddoos or squares made of sesame and jaggery.

Here is how to make this recipe that grown ups as well as kids enjoy just as much.

1/4 kilo of jaggery

2 cups of roasted peanut powder

2 cups of roasted sesame

4-5 tsps of ghee

Some people make this without sugar and powdered peanut but I find that it makes the laddoos soft. If you want to make it with the sugar caramel that is fine too.

Firstly I roasted the peanuts evenly and then blended it into a fine powder. Then I roasted the sesame, sesame heats up soon and may burn so you will just have to keep stirring it till it turns golden. Chop up the jaggery so that it melts easily when we heat it.

After that 4-5 tsps of ghee to a saucepan. Add the chopped jaggery and stir gently so that the jaggery melts.  As soon as the jaggery has melted add the roasted sesame and mix. Then add the powdered peanut and mix again. The consistency you want is little thicker than the cake batter.

When making the squares apply ghee on a dish and pour the batter evenly in the dish. You might have to flatten it out with a spoon. Then wait a little and draw out the squares when it has cooled down a little. Once it is completely solidified and cool, the squares will come out fine.

When making the laddoo wait a little till it cools down but not too much because then it will solidify. Then either wear a glove and roll this batter into laddoos of even size.

tilgul laddoo recipe sesame jaggery

Sesame is said to be good for health and since this recipe doesn’t require any frying or steaming it retains most of its goodness. Jaggery is also known for its goodness in providing iron, it is a good replacement for sugar.


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