Egg Dosa

Hello dear foodies! So what I want to share today is not big recipe as such but a mere twist to the humble dosa.

Dosa is a very regular menu in Indian homes. It is a savoury pan cake made out of fermented rice and lentil batter, and it is eaten with a chutney and potato sabzi.

But you will find an entire menu based on dosa. What I have made is simple but it is a healthy twist to the regular fare.

So eggs, I did not grow up eating eggs. But i think they are a good source of calcium and i have introduced them in my diet.


When I tasted them the first time I liked the taste but not the smell so much. So I always try to eliminate the smell in some way. Like if I am making scrambled eggs, I first pour some oil add ground black pepper to it then I pour some milk (half a cup for two eggs) and some 5-7 tsp grated cheese. When the cheese completely melts and becomes gooey I add my egg and coriander. I think the scrambled egg smells completely different.

Now dosa is made with very little oil so it is such a healthy option. So when you add egg to it, it becomes a good breakfast dish.


All I did was pour the batter on a hot flat tawa, spread the rice batter thin with a spoon and pour both the egg yolk and egg white on it. Then you sprinkle some pepper and rosemary on it.

RoseMary is a really sweet smelling herb with a smell like eucalyptus and cardomom. So it might not seem like a right addition to the dosa but we liked it. We ate some with a mint chutney and some with maple syrup on it. It tastes great with both.


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