Simple Creamy Cheesy Pasta


Pasta is just everybody’s favourite. It was one of the recipes that even kids eat without any fuss. While the basic pasta with veggies is easy to make, I was having trouble making the white sauce one, and also I wanted it more cheesy.

So finally one very easy trick worked. Here is what I did.



Pasta of your choice

Pepper half tsp, Oregano

Finely chopped onion, Peas

Cheese grated, Butter, Milk 1 cup



Boil the pasta in water till they soften and drain them. I got the coloured one for my daughter.

Pour some oil add the pepper and oregano. Then add the chopped onions, peas and the sauce. Pour all the pasta and mix it.

Melt some butter in a saucepan, add some milk stir it, and then add the cheese and stir it till the cheese melts. Pour the white sauce in the pasta and mix it well.


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