Aamras or What The Month of May Was Made For!


Hi all! So recently we went to Bombay for a short visit and we ate aamras after a long time. Before I tell you more about this awfully simple but so precious aamras, a little background…

So while India has many religions and many traditions, there are a few thing that truly binds it into one culture. Sometimes it is obvious, like Holi is celebrated with so much enthu not just in India now but also around the world.

One great tradition which everyone loves but hasn’t realised is the month of May and the celebration of mangoes. At first when I noticed people outside of India didn’t find anything about mangoes all that great. But then I realised that the local doesn’t taste like anything we have back home, more specifically Western India. This variety of mangoes that is grown in Devgad part of Maharashtra is called Alphonsoes. It was a vacation staple but now, as they say (who is they? :)), has become more expensive than gold, and is eaten in California before it can be eaten Bombay.

The month of May is the month of vacations, when schools and colleges close down and families enjoy an annual get-together. While the n numbers of weddings that are scheduled in this month, there is one more event that lasts an entire month, eating mangoes as many as possible and as many ways as we can!

So making aamras is very simple, here it is

Mangoes (Alphonso), a dozen

Jaggery about a small lump the size of sugar cube.

A pinch of salt

Half a cup of milk

Ghee (clarified butter) 2-3 spoons melted


Wash the mangoes. Just take out the seed, and take out a little juice, this part is supposed to contain the “gum” of the fruit and will make your tongue itchy if you eat it. Then start taking out the pulp from the seed and skin.

After this add some jaggery, the logic is that mango is considered to be a “hot” (simply put acidic) food, and adding jaggery will make it easier for the tummy to digest it. Then add a bit of milk, a pinch of salt (I know, but you won’t notice) some ghee, my husband likes a bit of cardamom. That’s it! You can enjoy this with flaky chapattis or just drink it like a milkshake.

aamras recipe


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