Happy Mongo Books


I am back with my second instalment of Happy Mongo and their fun learning education series. As I have said before Happy Mongo is a tool to develop a child’s speaking, listening and reading skills. They also have lessons in Mathematics and General Knowledge.

I have tried their lessons on the website, the ones on listening are the best showcase of what can be achieved through the fun learning method. Besides developing the listening skills, it is an excellent exercise for the concept of comprehension, which sets apart the reading activity from understanding. If you are confused I want to remind you of the old pedagogical learning method from earlier Indian schools where students “rote-learned” their lessons without any understanding of what the lesson intends to convey.


I have their book in my hands now which is as creatively compiled as it is simplistically put. They are marked for 6, 7, 8 year olds. On first glance, it looks slightly easy for the age group but as I browse through I understand the intent, that is make the child’s foundation stronger. 

I can give you one instance to make my point clear. I remember my own childhood when I had trouble learning mathematics, especially, “Multiplication Tables!” To me it appeared like a random matrix of number that for some reason we had to, to use a very Indian term, “mug up”. Now when my daughter is receiving a much better education I can see how a better education is made better, they SIMPLIFY! For instance, when my daughter started learning her multiplication she was told a simple fact, this is Repetitive Addition. Some people who may have been good at Math may wonder, “Duh! What else did you think it was?” But for someone who did not naturally have a flair for Math, it was not apparent to me.

That is what Happy Mongo Learning intends to do, but they also add the element of fun and storytelling to each of these lessons so that it does not seem like a chore to the student.  


The books combine the web-based learning tools for Speed Reading and Listening lessons. These books are also a great way to understand where your child stands in understanding what they have read and how fast they can grasp information.

My personal experience is, my daughter finished the book in about an hour and she seems to enjoy the online “games” as she calls them, more. I am loving these books too and their web-based lessons too, especially speaking because it is more than just Grammar and Diction, it also teaches a bit of  oratory skills such as enunciation and intonation. Stay with me while I continue to explore their books more.

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