Apple Kheer Recipe


Here is a recipe that is as regal to taste as it is easy to make, Apple Kheer. Since apple is not my most favourite fruit I did not expect it to become my favourite dessert. Here is this simple but very delectable Apple Kheer Recipe.


Ingredients : 3 Red Apples

Kaju katlis 5-6

6 cups of Whole Cow Milk or 5 cups of regular milk and Full cream 1 cup

2 cups of sugar

Few saffron strands

ghee 5 tsps

Dry fruits of choice

Peel and grate the apples, sieve the excess water from the apples. Heat the ghee, roast the dry fruits till they change colour. Add the grated apple and sauté it till it loses all its crispy moist quality and gains a soft soggy brown look.

Pour the whole milk and keep stirring on sim till it blends in. If you do not have whole add the full cream at this point. Let it cool down and after it cools down add the sugar. Stir the sugar till it mixes. Take a few strands of saffron and add it to 3-4 tsps of hot milk. It starts losing colour, add this saffron to the Kheer.  Heat it up and serve with puris. Or chill it in fridge and have it as dessert.



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