Bread Pan Pizza Recipe


There are times when we just want to have a pizza but don’t have the pizza base at home and don’t want to buy from the outside. In such a scenario the humble bread will come to your rescue. Here is a simple recipe for a pizza that tastes as good but is so easy to make.



A pound of sliced bread,

Capsicum 3-4, tomatoes 3-4, onions 2-3,

Sauce of your choice,

Oregano two tsps.,

pepper half tsps.,

oil, salt to taste,

mozarella cheese just lots of it!


Chop all the veggies. Saute them in some oil. Add the oregano, pepper and sauce. We usually don’t saute the pizza toppings but since this is a pan pizza we will need to saute them a bit to break their crisp. Toast the bread into a crisp consistency. Spread the topping and sprinkle the mozzarella cheese. Heat it for a minute on a pan or microwave. And enjoy!



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  1. Darol D'cruz says:

    I wish there was a favourite list ❤️

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