Bread Pan Pizza Recipe


There are times when we just want to have a pizza but don’t have the pizza base at home and don’t want to buy from the outside. In such a scenario the humble bread will come to your rescue. Here is a simple recipe for a pizza that tastes as good but is so easy to make.



A pound of sliced bread,

Capsicum 3-4, tomatoes 3-4, onions 2-3,

Sauce of your choice,

Oregano two tsps.,

pepper half tsps.,

oil, salt to taste,

mozarella cheese just lots of it!


Chop all the veggies. Saute them in some oil. Add the oregano, pepper and sauce. We usually don’t saute the pizza toppings but since this is a pan pizza we will need to saute them a bit to break their crisp. Toast the bread into a crisp consistency. Spread the topping and sprinkle the mozzarella cheese. Heat it for a minute on a pan or microwave. And enjoy!


Savoury Green Gram Dosas Recipe


Look at the lovely pistachio colour!!! 

Dosa is a fantastic recipe. It is easy to make, lasts long. However dosa need at least some preparation a day of soaking. So when I discovered these green gram dosas I was so happy and they are one dish recipes meaning you can skip the accompaniment like chutney if you wish. So here is this simple yet so tasty dosa recipe you can make on the go. Serves: A breakfsst for people.


Green gram whole 500 gms., Green chilly 2 or as you like, coriander half a bowl, garlic 3 cloves, spoonful of cumin seeds, salt to taste and oil half a cup.

Procedure: Soak the whole green grams for 5-6 hours. Soak them in enough water so they can double up in size.

Blend them in a smooth paste in a blender. Before blending add the coriander, green chillies, cumin seeds, chopped garlic salt and some water. The consistency you want is like the cake batter a little runny won’t be a problem. Pour 2 tsps of oil in the batter.

Pour this batter on a hot pan with a bit of oil brushed on it and spread them for a paper thin dosas. Or even bread like thickness tastes great too. Blend a chutney if you want or sauce but you can just eat them rolled up.

Tip: If the batter is a little runny you can add a bit of semolina and whisk the dough.



Simple Creamy Cheesy Pasta


Pasta is just everybody’s favourite. It was one of the recipes that even kids eat without any fuss. While the basic pasta with veggies is easy to make, I was having trouble making the white sauce one, and also I wanted it more cheesy.

So finally one very easy trick worked. Here is what I did.



Pasta of your choice

Pepper half tsp, Oregano

Finely chopped onion, Peas

Cheese grated, Butter, Milk 1 cup



Boil the pasta in water till they soften and drain them. I got the coloured one for my daughter.

Pour some oil add the pepper and oregano. Then add the chopped onions, peas and the sauce. Pour all the pasta and mix it.

Melt some butter in a saucepan, add some milk stir it, and then add the cheese and stir it till the cheese melts. Pour the white sauce in the pasta and mix it well.


Sago Khichadi & Peanut Laddoo

sago khichadi and peanut laddoo recipe

When we were younger we were told this joke about how an Indian went to the USA and asked around if they knew where he could find some fast food. O course he was given directions for the nearest McDonalds. He did not know what this McDonalds deal was so he went there and checked out the menu and was surprised to see it didn’t feature any food he could eat when he was “fasting”.

(A bit of context in parenthesis…


Today is Mahashivratri. It is the annual celebration of the union between the ultimate male, Shiva, and the female, Shakti. They are the symbols of the universal energy, male and its driving force, the female. Although not for religious reasons but for poetic, I find these symbols great. In fact, Shiva may well be a pre-Indus valley civilisation deity, he was found on a seal performing a tough yogic posture, which makes him the oldest yogi.)

So the reason why I am telling this joke today is because this day is observed as a day of fasting technically, but instead of not eating at all, we just decided on an alternate menu we can fill ourselves up with. And it’s delicious! Here are a few of those things…

Sago Khichadi and Shengadana Laddoo are a food pairing that go well together. Both the recipes are easy to make and delicious.

Sabudana Khichadi


Sabudana or sago is traditionally made as a fasting recipe. But it is so yummy that you can eat it anytime you want.


Sago 1/4 kilo or 2 cups

Roasted Peanut powder

Chilly 2-3

Cumin seeds

Oil 1 cup

Soak the sago in water for 4-5 hours. Let the water level be a little above the sago such that the sago gets swollen but not soggy.

In a wok pour the oil, add the cumin seeds, when they temper add the chillies. Pour the sago and mix it with a spatula quickly as the sago tends to get stuck to the vessel. Add the peanut powder, add the salt and mix again.

You can add lemon juice or fresh coriander if you like.
Serve hot and if you like with curds.

Shengdana Laddoo


When my daughter was 3-4 years old we used to give this laddoo to her everytime she asked for a  “Felleloo” – Ferrero Rocher chocolate. No, seriously this crunchy laddoo is something just as tasty but healthy too.

This peanut laddoo is traditionally given to pregnant women in India, and why not because it so rich in iron. But it is a good recipe to try because it is so easy to make and it tastes so yummm!!!

Half a kilo of peanuts
1/4 kilo of jaggery

4-5 tsp of ghee or clarified butter

Roast the peanut well.Keep stirring them so that they don’t get burned on some sides. Let it cool. Once it is dry, you can remove the skin but it is better if you keep it because it is supposed to be healthy. Then run it in a blender till you get a fine powder, but don’t blend it till it has lumps.

Cut the jaggery. It won’t exactly cut but it will become soft and will easily melt. If you have used jaggery to make peanut brittles, that jaggery hardens a bit too much. For the laddoo you will need the kind of jaggery that will break out from the lump if you try to break with your fingers.

In a large kadhai, pour 4-5 tsps of ghee, let it melt on low heat. Then add the jaggery. Stir the jaggery continuously so that it doesn’t burn.

Once the jaggery has completely melted with the ghee.
TIP: Sprinkle a bit of water here. It helps in keeping the laddoo batter from turning hard.
Switch of the stove and add the peanut powder and mix it with a spatula.

Switch on the gas again and mix again for a minute or so.

Apply some ghee to your palms. Let the mix cool for a while and roll the laddoos by first pressing the dough in your fist and then by rolling them into a round shape of about the size of a lemon.

This is a recipe that kids will love as well. 

Egg Dosa

Hello dear foodies! So what I want to share today is not big recipe as such but a mere twist to the humble dosa.

Dosa is a very regular menu in Indian homes. It is a savoury pan cake made out of fermented rice and lentil batter, and it is eaten with a chutney and potato sabzi.

But you will find an entire menu based on dosa. What I have made is simple but it is a healthy twist to the regular fare.

So eggs, I did not grow up eating eggs. But i think they are a good source of calcium and i have introduced them in my diet.


When I tasted them the first time I liked the taste but not the smell so much. So I always try to eliminate the smell in some way. Like if I am making scrambled eggs, I first pour some oil add ground black pepper to it then I pour some milk (half a cup for two eggs) and some 5-7 tsp grated cheese. When the cheese completely melts and becomes gooey I add my egg and coriander. I think the scrambled egg smells completely different.

Now dosa is made with very little oil so it is such a healthy option. So when you add egg to it, it becomes a good breakfast dish.


All I did was pour the batter on a hot flat tawa, spread the rice batter thin with a spoon and pour both the egg yolk and egg white on it. Then you sprinkle some pepper and rosemary on it.

RoseMary is a really sweet smelling herb with a smell like eucalyptus and cardomom. So it might not seem like a right addition to the dosa but we liked it. We ate some with a mint chutney and some with maple syrup on it. It tastes great with both.

Sweet Nei Appams

nei appam recipe

Hello all! So today I want to share a recipe called Nei Appam. Appam is a South Indian dish. These are usually made to be eaten with chutney as a breakfast recipe. But it is also made as a sweet with jaggery. We love the regular ones but these taste great too. They are sometimes fried but I have used the appam vessel so I had to use less oil, since they were sort of spot-fried! 🙂 They are perfect for breakfast or supper. Here’s how I made them.


1/4 Kilo Jaggery

1 and 1/2 cup of wheat flour (ideally this is chapatti atta)

1 cup of grated coconut

1 banana mashed

1 cup semolina

1/2 tsp cardomom

Oil for cooking

Soak the jaggery in 3 cups of hot water. The jaggery will melt in the water soon. Then add the mashed ripe banana, semolina grated coconut (dessicated coconut will do too,) and whisk them. Then add the flour and whisk till you lose all the lumps. The batter is ready. We want to taste the batter at this point and if you think it is not sweet enough you can add a bit of sugar.

Some people add baking soda to this batter but if you keep the dough covered for one hour it will be aerated enough to make fluffy appams.

Now we heat the appam vessel, pour 2-3 drops of cooking oil in each of those bowls. I added about a spoon and half of batter in each and covered it with a lid. But they don’t take long to cook, we have to flip them onto the other side in 20-30 seconds and then take them off the vessel with a spoon in about the same time.

You do not need any accompaniments to eat them, just pop them as a snack or a grand Sunday breakfast side dish with a dosa and potato sabzi.

sweet appam recipe


Pakoda: Indian Bread Fritters


Bread is a versatile thing and when you dip into some batter it’s breakfast or supper, right? So fritters are easy and yummy and they are a perfect thing to snack on during winters. So here’s how I made this…


Bread with the crusts cut up.

Besan (gram flour) 1 and 1/2 cup

Coriander and Cumin seeds whole or powdered whichever you prefer.

Fresh Coriander chopped up

Red Chilly powder and salt to taste.

Oil for frying.


Mix up the batter by adding the fresh coriander, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, salt and red chilly powder to the besan flour. Mix them and add water just enough to get a thick cake batter consistency.  

Cut up the crust of the bread and cut them into halves.

You want to heat up the oil till it is very hot but lower it a little when you actually start frying. Then dip the bread into the batter and let the extra trickle off. Fry the bread dip till they are slightly reddish. If it is any less there is a chance the batter is not fried on the inside.

That is it! Try it with a dip of your choice for supper or at the tea time.