Paneer Veggies Paratha Recipe


Our family is a big fan of paneer, cottage cheese basically. And we don’t mind as this chewy version of cheese is healthy too. This is the “entire meal in one” option that is a paratha comes with some veggies too.


Paneer two cups Veggies: 1 Carrot, 2 green bell pepper, coriander 1/2 bowl

Spices: Garam Masala 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp coriander, 1/2 tsp, cumin powder 1/2 tsp, (Optional Dry mango powder 1/2 tsp, Chaat masala 1/2 tsp)

Flours: Chapati Flour 3 bowls, Regular Refined Flour 1 bowl,

Oil to knead and roast 1/2 bowl, Salt to Taste 


First let’s grate the veggies and paneer, carrots peeled and grated, and bell pepper deseeded and grated and also grate the paneer while you are at it. Next saute the veggies to lose the moisture and blend in the spices. But before that let’s blend the coriander to a paste-like consistency.


Heat 2 tsp of oil and add the veggies, saute a bit and add the garam masala, coriander powder, cumin powder and the (optional) dry mango powder and chaat masala. Add the coriander paste and saute till it looks like the veggies have lost all moisture. Then let it cool. After cooling down add the paneer to the veggies. Add some salt. Paneer has its own salty taste so you want to check how much you need with some taste-testing.


Next knead the dough by first adding a tsp of salt and mixing it. Then add some oil  and blend it into dry flour. Next add the water slowly and keep kneading the flour as you go. You do not want the dough to be too soft as you will be stuffing it. Next cover it with a lid and let it sit at least for half an hour.

Then take dough the size of lemon and roll it a little bit into a chapati. Then roll the paneer veggie stuffing into a small ball. Add the ball into the chapati and seal it such that the top is completely sealed. Flatten it a little using your hands. Next dust some flour and using a rolling pin roll this paratha gently using the sealed side first and flip and roll the other side. Heat a tawa or a wide skillet, oil it a bit and roast this paratha on both sides using a bit more of oil and until it is evenly roasted.

Serve this paratha with some chole, boondi raita, pickle of your choice or plain old ketchup!



Crunchy French Fries

french fries recipe

So French Fries, anyone claims they don’t like fries more likely ummm… are lying? Anyway I love them. But here I made them slightly different from the regular cut, fry and salt ones. These are simple to make too but more crunchy. So here…


Starchy potatoes 3,

potato fingers

Corn Flour or Rice Flour,

Pepper 1/2 tsp, Salt 5-6 tsps,

Oil to Fry

Just peel the potatoes and cut them in the long finger chips fashion. (I think in India we used to call French Fries Finger Chips before we started calling them fries too.) Wash, drain and spread them on paper towels.

fries coat mix

Mix a bowlful of corn flour or rice powder with pepper and salt. Coat your potato fingers with the this rice powder, a thin layer.

coated fries

Fry these fries on a sim mode, and toss on a towel. Serve with ketchup and mayonnaise. 

crunchy french fries recipe

Schezwan Veggie Rolls


So this is the first time we will be participating at the school fair. I had a rough plan to make cookies and cakes for the same but I was wondering if I could make something spicy or savory because that is the sort of food people would probably prefer at such an event. Eventually I settled for sauteed paneer, Schezwan Rice and Schezwan Rolls. I haven’t shared it here so here we go.

I have always loved the Chinese cuisine, but what I also love is the Indian twist we give to the traditional Chinese dishes. Here is how the Schezwan dumplings got a veggie, fried twist (perhaps our logic is why make something healthy when you can fry it?) Here is how I made this Chinese dish with its many twists.



For the dough:

Refined flour 3 cups, butter 2 tsps, cumin powder and salt.

For the filling: Green bell pepper 3-4, Cabbage: 1/4  kilo, Onion 2-3, Cheese: Mozzarella 2-3 cups Schezwan Sauce (I prefer Ching’s Schezwan Chutney)


Knead the dough by first mixing the dry ingredients, then mixing the butter and then water for a soft but still roll-able consistency. For the filling, just julienne the onion, bell pepper and cabbage, saute in a wok, and add the grated Mozzarella Cheese. Then add the schezwan sauce and mix.


Roll the flour into small puris, you can dry flour if the butter doesn’t allow you to roll them. Add spoonful of the filling and wrap the dough into a roll. 


Shallow fry them and serve them hot.


Easy Cake with Leftover Bread


My family has a limit to how much bread they will eat. So every now and then we are left with a pound of bread.Of course, I am left to wonder what to do with it. So, this time I thought let me try to make some cake straight out of this bread.

So I made the bread crumbs and for the rest of the ingredients I used the things I would have used for a regular cake.



Bread Crumbs 

2 Eggs

3 Cups of milk / Cream (optional)

1 tsp of baking powder, 1|2 tsp of baking soda

6 tsp of ghee or butter melted

Tutti Fruity (optional)


Whisk the milk and the sugar, and when the sugar dissolves add the eggs and whisk into a frothy consistency. Melt the butter and add it to the liquid. Add the bread crumbs and the tutti fruity. Butter the cake dish of your choice. I used the baking sheet because I wanted to give it the flower shape. Pour the batter in the baking pan.

Preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 180 Celsius, and bake the cake for 20 minutes for 180 degree celsius. Cool it and using a cutter of your choice cut them into shapes you like.


Simple Creamy Cheesy Pasta


Pasta is just everybody’s favourite. It was one of the recipes that even kids eat without any fuss. While the basic pasta with veggies is easy to make, I was having trouble making the white sauce one, and also I wanted it more cheesy.

So finally one very easy trick worked. Here is what I did.



Pasta of your choice

Pepper half tsp, Oregano

Finely chopped onion, Peas

Cheese grated, Butter, Milk 1 cup



Boil the pasta in water till they soften and drain them. I got the coloured one for my daughter.

Pour some oil add the pepper and oregano. Then add the chopped onions, peas and the sauce. Pour all the pasta and mix it.

Melt some butter in a saucepan, add some milk stir it, and then add the cheese and stir it till the cheese melts. Pour the white sauce in the pasta and mix it well.


Strawberry Jam


4 packets of strawberry
3 mugs of sugar
1 lemon juice

This recipe is a refrigerator recipe because I am not canning them. But it tastes the same, so my daughter loves it anyway.

Crush the strawberries. I like the pulp so I keep the pieces. Move them to the saucepan. Stir for a while, it begins to boil and look like slush. It is also easier to crush them more now.

Add the lemon juice. And now add the sugar. Keep stirring till the jam loses the runny consistency and begins to thicken up. Take it off the stove and let it cool. It will thicken even more.

Your lovely smelling strawberry jam is ready!!! Trust me your mouth won’t stop watering through the day!