Crunchy French Fries

french fries recipe

So French Fries, anyone claims they don’t like fries more likely ummm… are lying? Anyway I love them. But here I made them slightly different from the regular cut, fry and salt ones. These are simple to make too but more crunchy. So here…


Starchy potatoes 3,

potato fingers

Corn Flour or Rice Flour,

Pepper 1/2 tsp, Salt 5-6 tsps,

Oil to Fry

Just peel the potatoes and cut them in the long finger chips fashion. (I think in India we used to call French Fries Finger Chips before we started calling them fries too.) Wash, drain and spread them on paper towels.

fries coat mix

Mix a bowlful of corn flour or rice powder with pepper and salt. Coat your potato fingers with the this rice powder, a thin layer.

coated fries

Fry these fries on a sim mode, and toss on a towel. Serve with ketchup and mayonnaise. 

crunchy french fries recipe

Alu Cheese Paratha Recipe

alu cheese paratha recipe

Sometimes I think that potatoes have become like previously holy now heretical food god. This previously popular food is slowly being relegated to the bottom of the food chain for its high starch content. Not in my books though, it remains my favourite. Hmm just a few thoughts I had when making this. 

So if you like potatoes and cheese, this is a recipe you will love…  


3 potatoes, 1/2 bowl cheese, Coriander, Garlic cloves 2-3, Green Chillies 2-3 (Optional, you can use Red Chilly Powder instead) 1/2 bowl cheese

boiled potatoes

Dry Spices

Garam Masala 1 tsp, Amchur (Dry Mango) Powder 1/2 tsp, Chat Masala 1/2 tsp, Cumin Powder 1/2 tsp, Coriander 1/2 tsp, Salt as necessary

Oil for the dough and parathas about 1/2 bowl

For the Dough

3 bowlful of Chapati Atta, 1 bowl Refined Flour or All Purpose Flour

dough for parathas

Add a bit of salt to the flours, then add some oil. Next water as necessary and knead the dough to a solid consistency. Cover it with a lid and let it sit till you get the  stuffing ready.

Boil and peel the potatoes. Instead of mashing them, it would be better if you can grate the potatoes, this ensures that it doesn’t leave any lumps. Lumps can cut through the dough when rolling. To this add the dry spices and salt into the grated potatoes.

potatoes schezwan sauce

Next blend the coriander, garlic cloves and chillies into a fine paste, 2-3 tsps together should be enough. Now mix the potatoes with all the spices and add the mozarella cheese.

For any stuffed paratha it is better is the stuffing is as solid and possible. If something leaves a condensation, like the coriander paste or the cheese if it was refrigerated, it will make the dough wet when rolled.

mashed potatoes with cheese

Next take a lemon sized dough and roll it a bit, then add the rolled potato stuffing into this dough. Now gently roll the dough around the stuffing and seal it on top leaving no gaps from where the stuffing can seep through, flatten it a bit using your palms. Now dust some on the rolling board and roll the paratha gently with the sealed down first. Roll the parathas.

rolled alu cheese paratha

Parathas can be thick but roll just enough to stop the thin dough lining from tearing off. Roast this paratha  till the dough lining is crisp and brown, in cooking oil of your choice. Serve with ketchup, cucumber salad or chole, or just roll it up and enjoy!

alu cheese paratha flatbread